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Week 24 – Wind Farm Near Chickasha Oklahoma

Here are some images of wind turbines in farm and ranch land a few miles North of Chickasha Oklahoma take near and from US Hwy 81.  Once again I was using Nikon D700 with the Nikkor 28-70 f/2.8.













Week 14 – Lone Liveoak

This is one of my first attempts with a used Nikon D300 that I picked up recently.  It has the same form factor as my D700 but has a DX sensor which provides for  a 50% tighter crop effect because of the smaller digital sensor.  It isn’t intended to be my landscape photography kit;  that genre rightly belongs to my full frame D700,  But when a picture presents itself you use what you have on hand.D300

Nikkor 80-200 f/2.8 at 80mm (120mm equivalent)

Hand held

Focused on tree

Lone Oak in Pasture

Palo Pinto County Hillside View

This is the general area where men such as Charles Goodnight established ranches and drove cattle before moving his operation to the Texas panhandle. This area saw a lot of conflict between Texas settlers and Comanche and Kiowa raiders.  The original road to Fort Belknap went right through the area shown in this photo. Fort Belknap was the northernmost fort among a series of frontier forts intended to protect Texas settlers from Comanche and Kiowa raiders. The forts ran from near the Red River down to near the Rio Grande.

In the past few years drought and wild fires have hit this region hard. The grey areas on the far hillsides show the aftermath of the 2011 wild fires which burned much of the red cedar and oaks that cover these hills.

Palo Pinto Hills

Week 6


Clouds Rolling In

Scattered Clouds Near Sundown

Distant Rain at Sundown