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Week 10

This week was a bust. I didn’t have much time to shoot but Saturday evening during a rain storm I headed to Harberger Hill overlooking Weatherford to see if there was something to capture. I am not proud of the results but here is a panoramic view of Weatherford from Harberger Hill shot at sunset during a light rain.  I brought out a lot of light in processing and it is very grainy.  Shooting through the rain makes it even more grainy in appearance.

This is an image of the sun setting behind the north side of Weatherford.  You can see the steeple of North Main Church of God down below to the left.  Again, not a good image but it is what I got this past week.

Week 6


Clouds Rolling In

Scattered Clouds Near Sundown

Distant Rain at Sundown

More Fall Color

 We are seeing some nice fall colors this week.  We are seeing lots of yellow, orange and some red as different trees are turning and shedding leaves.  Here are a few images from my back yard and down our path.  All these were shot with my Nikon D700 and a Nikkor 28-70 f/2.8

 These images were taken while it was lightly raining. The clouds and overcast skies muted the light, and the dampness helped bring out the color.  

 This first image is in our back yard.  I really liked the yellow contrasting with the wet, dark tree trunks.  The green clover to the lower right really likes this cool wet weather.

The tall green oak is a huge, old red oak that Peggy really likes.  It should begin turning any day.  But for now I like the green alongside the others which are already turning yellow and orange.


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