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Savannah Sipos: The Second Set of Graduation Pictures

Here are the rest of the pictures we took.  We got a couple more inside the TWU Library and then we moved outside.





23rd Week – Images From a Sunday Afternoon Drive Around Palo Pinto County Texas

Life got in the way of my 52 week project. I decided to get back at it but I had a dilemma:  start over at week 1 or pick-up where I left off.  I decided to pick up where I left off.   Yes it’s not a strict 52 week photo project but the more important point is to get out and take photos and share them here.  So here goes.


This set of images were all taken at the town of Palo Pinto on hot Sunday afternoon (July 17th, 2014).   I was using my Nikon D700 and Nikkor 28-70 f/2.8.  The sun was harsh plus I wanted depth of field for most of these so I was shoot with high aperture settings


is the entrance to the Palo Pinto County Courthouse.

Palo Pinto Country Courthouse Entrance

Palo Pinto Country Courthouse Entrance

One of several historic buildings given new life.


A repurposed old Gas Station

A repurposed old filling station.

A repurposed old filling station.

A row of old buildings on the South side of the courthouse square.

Palo Pinto Texas South of the courthouse.

Palo Pinto Texas South of the courthouse.


This appears to be an old jailhouse that is now in a park with a few log cabins and antique farm equipment in Palo Pinto

Old Palo Pinto jailhouse

Old Palo Pinto jailhouse

First United Methodist Church

Methodist Church

Methodist Church



Monument to the Pioneers of Palo Pinto

Monument to the Pioneers of Palo Pinto

Baker Historic Marker

Baker Historic Marker

PaloPintoTexas_CourthouseHistoricalMarker PaloPintoTexas_WarMemorial

The Early Evidence of Fall’s Approach

This week we started seeing evidence that our two-week Texas Autumn season is just around the corner.

Week 16 – Old Mineral Wells Rams Stadium

I stopped by the now retired Rams Stadium of Mineral Wells where the high school football team played for may decades before their modern stadium was completed several years ago. Anyone would agree that the new stadium with its modern spacious press box, improved and expanded seating and perfect location is better in every way. But this old stadium was full of charm and everyone who played, coached or officiated at the stadium will share fond memories about the its uniqueness and charm. When a field goal or PAT was kicked during night games the ball would disappear from view in the thick oak trees that encroached in and over the field right at the goal posts. You can see this in some of the images below.

The facility is used today by a semi-pro team and recreational soccer and the grass field still looks great.

Week 15 – A Reminder of Earlier Times

I found this old abandoned farm-house in southwestern Palo Pinto County as a gentle rain storm was rolling in.  No doubt there are memories attached to this place.

Week 12

The New Uncovers The Old

As road crews prepare to connect the new Weatherford loop to US HWY 180 they uncovered the old brick surface from the original HWY 180 between Mineral Wells and Weatherford Texas.  The brick highway was opened in 1936.  According to an article on the “The Portal to Texas History”, the bricks were hand-laid by two strong [African-American] men  ( ).   That is quite remarkable especially considering that the divided highway covers roughly 18 miles.

Week 11

My results are better this week than last.  I spent some time in Palo Pinto County out in the brush and hill country. There were many potential subjects that caught my eye. Here are a few.  All shot with my Nikon D700 and Nikkor 28-70 f/2.8 lens hand-held.

Barrel Cactus in Palo Pinto County Texas

Barrel Cactus

Cactus Landscape

Palo Pinto County, Nature Stone Outcroppings

Natural Stone Monuments

Lichen Covered Stones in the Palo Pinto Hills

The Sky Comes Alive With Color at Dusk

Display of Colors at Dusk

Week 10

This week was a bust. I didn’t have much time to shoot but Saturday evening during a rain storm I headed to Harberger Hill overlooking Weatherford to see if there was something to capture. I am not proud of the results but here is a panoramic view of Weatherford from Harberger Hill shot at sunset during a light rain.  I brought out a lot of light in processing and it is very grainy.  Shooting through the rain makes it even more grainy in appearance.

This is an image of the sun setting behind the north side of Weatherford.  You can see the steeple of North Main Church of God down below to the left.  Again, not a good image but it is what I got this past week.

Week 9

1940’s-era Native Stone Ranch House Several Miles West of Weatherford

According to the owner of the place this house was built for a grandmother on the family ranch back in the 1940s but unknowingly it was built in a flood plain. The river is about a 1/4 of a mile away and not visible from this location, but it has flooded three or four times over the decades where the water was waist-high in the house. It was understandably abandoned as a dwelling.

Native Stone Farm House

Week 6


Clouds Rolling In

Scattered Clouds Near Sundown

Distant Rain at Sundown

More Fall Color

 We are seeing some nice fall colors this week.  We are seeing lots of yellow, orange and some red as different trees are turning and shedding leaves.  Here are a few images from my back yard and down our path.  All these were shot with my Nikon D700 and a Nikkor 28-70 f/2.8

 These images were taken while it was lightly raining. The clouds and overcast skies muted the light, and the dampness helped bring out the color.  

 This first image is in our back yard.  I really liked the yellow contrasting with the wet, dark tree trunks.  The green clover to the lower right really likes this cool wet weather.

The tall green oak is a huge, old red oak that Peggy really likes.  It should begin turning any day.  But for now I like the green alongside the others which are already turning yellow and orange.


Thanks for looking